ozdates (Author, maintainer)

The goal of ozdates is to provide historical data of important Australian dates to help with data analysis and time series modelling.

bomrang (Co-Author, Contributor 2018)

Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) Data from R. Provides functions to interface with Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) data, fetching data and returning a tidy data frame of précis forecasts, current weather data from stations, ag information bulletins, historical weather data or a raster::stack() object of satellite imagery from GeoTIFF files.


A system for human guided interactive cluster analysis using Gaussian Mixture Modelling. This system allows user in the loop analysis and performs cycling through a range of model based clustering formulations. The interface builds a decision tree from the results to allow for real time interpretation.


Statistical AB testing tool. This Shiny App performs a two sample test of proportions using the chi-squared method. The results are translated into easily interpretable text and charts for non-technical users.


Call centre resourcing optimisation tool. This tool calculates the number of agents required to staff a call centre queue based on the Erlang C traffic formula.